Thursday, March 24, 2011

Made With Love Event

I am extremely excited for the "Made With Love Event" hosted by Ashley at The Reynolds Mom. The event, which lists 17 giveaways runs from 3/25/11 - 4/3/11. Starting tomorrow you can check out the various giveaways, which all feature items made by hand at her blog: The Reynolds Mom

I have agreed to giveaway a receiving blanket and burp cloth set or a credit in my store for $24 to be applied to any item in my Etsy shop. You can view my shop at  I also encourage you to look at the other Etsy shops and giveaways as nothing beats homemade!

In the two weeks since the birth of my third child I have been using my receiving blankets and burp cloths like crazy. I have found the large size of the receiving blanket works for so many things. I can go from wrapping her to tummy time to covering her in the car seat or swing. One blanket does it all, which in my hectic world is a definite bonus! The burp cloth works great to catch her spit ups (no spit up has made it onto me which is another bonus) and it is large enough that when I lay her down for play or changing I lay her on the burp cloth (just her upper body when I am changing her) so if she does spit up it all lands on the burp cloth. I also place the burp cloth under her at bed/nap time so if she spits up I only have to replace the burp cloth and not the whole sheet. This is so much easier at 2 a.m. than trying to change a sheet. It also prevents that urge to just lay her somewhere else in the crib and leave changing the sheets until the morning. Here she is laying on the burp cloth wrapped loosely during a recent play time:
and here she is swaddled snugly with her hands free laying on the burp cloth:

Here is a picture of how I lay the burp cloth on myself to prevent being spit up on (as you can see it is a great size to prevent being spit up on)
Here is when we brought her home. We folded the receiving blanket in half and then covered her with it and tucking in the sides before we put the carrying cover on the car seat
Oh how versatile the blanket and burp cloths are!


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